Significant Events until 8 February 2020

The information on this page corresponds to the Significant Events filed by Criteria Caixa, S.A.U. with the CNMV, pursuant to article 228 of the Revised Text of the Securities Market Act, approved by Royal Legislative Decree 4/2015, of 23 October.

19-12-2016 Company reports amendment of figures in the “Information of Prudential Relevance” (Pillar III) document for 2015 of the Criteria Group.

(PDF, 5531 kB )

13-12-2016 The Company discloses completion of the accelerated bookbuild offering of shares representing approximately 1.7% of CaixaBank, S.A.'s share capital.

(PDF, 56 kB )

13-12-2016 The Company hereby reports to the market that an accelerated book building process has begun with institutional investors for a block of shares corresponding to 1.7% of the share capital of CaixaBank, S.A.

(PDF, 51 kB )

01-12-2016 The company reports the signature of two shareholder’s agreements related to Abertis Infraestructuras, S.A. shares.

(PDF, 248 kB )

30-11-2016 The Company reports the 2017 ECB prudential minimum capital requirements for CriteriaCaixa Group.

(PDF, 313 kB )

21-09-2016 Criteria Caixa, S.A.U hereby reports it has finalised the sale of 10% of Gas Natural SDG, S.A. to GIP III Canary 1, S.à.r.l. and the end of the agreement between "la Caixa" and Repsol concerning Gas Natural SDG

(PDF, 190 kB )

12-09-2016 The Company reports the resolution to sell 10% of the share capital of Gas Natural SDG, S.A. to GIP III Canary 1 S.À.R.L

(PDF, 154 kB )

08-09-2016 The Company reports a distribution of reserves to its sole shareholder

(PDF, 186 kB )

01-09-2016 Criteria Caixa, S.A.U.reports on the analysis of a possible partial divestment in Gas Natural, S.A.

(PDF, 182 kB )

04-08-2016 The Company files its 1st Semester results information for 2016

(PDF, 455 kB - in spanish)

29-07-2016 Information regarding the participation and results of CriteriaCaixa Group in the EU-wide Banking System Stress Test carried out by the European Banking Authority (EBA)

(PDF, 269 kB )

30-06-2016 The Company reports a distribution of reserves to its sole shareholder

(PDF, 179 kB )

31-05-2016 CriteriaCaixa files infomation regarding the closure of the asset swap with CaixaBank.

(PDF, 93 kB )

26-05-2016 The Company informs about its intent in regard to prudential deconsolidation

(PDF, 85 kB )

05-05-2016 The Company reports a distribution of reserves to its sole shareholder

(PDF, 103 kB )

29-04-2016 The Company files “Information of Prudential Relevance” corresponding to 2015.

(PDF, 4967 kB )

29-02-2016 The company files its 2015 Annual Corporate Governance Report

(PDF, 759 kB )

29-02-2016 The Company files its 2Q15 results

(PDF, 4009 kB - in spanish)

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